Ten Tales, Countless Stories

Selected Projects
  • Nicolás Echeverría
    Nicolás Echeverría
  • Britta Senn
    Britta Senn
  • Manuel Gutiérrez
    Manuel Gutiérrez
  • Everardo González
    Everardo González
  • Sandra Schulberg
    Sandra Schulberg
  • Camilo Froideval
    Camilo Froideval
  • Jan Troell
    Jan Troell
  • Nerio Barberis
    Nerio Barberis
  • Claudio Hughes
    Claudio Hughes
  • Juan Carlos Rulfo
    Juan Carlos Rulfo
  • Julien Temple
    Julien Temple
  • Agnès Varda
    Agnès Varda

DocuLab: Lab of Documentaries

The Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG) presents DocuLab: Lab of Documentaries, which will be held at the 33rd FICG, from March 7th to 10th, 2018.

DocuLab celebrates ten years of supporting film creators throughout Ibero-America in their seek to tell their stories and realities and reflect the stunning narrative of our cultural diversity. Ten years told in countless stories.

In its tenth anniversary, DocuLab is renewed aiming to specialize even more on the encouragement and support of documentaries that are at the editing final stage and require conceptual analytical advice, or support at the post-production and distribution processes.

Photo Archive

Gallery | 2017
DocuLab.9: Los confines de la deconstrucción y reconexión del recuerdo
Gallery | 2016
DocuLab.8: Cruces y convergencias; La ficción de la memoria.
Gallery | 2015
DocuLab.7: Universos paralelos, reflejo de evocaciones colectivas
Gallery | 2014
DocuLab.6: Viaje de lo individual a lo colectivo.
Gallery | 2013
DocuLab.5: Memoria y repostulación de la realidad
Gallery | 2012
DocuLab.4: Del telefoco al autofocus. Representaciones de la alteridad y lo propio
Gallery | 2011
DocuLab.3: Observador = observando: Tratamiento creativo de la realidad
Gallery | 2010
DocuLab.2: Reflejos del pensamiento