MV Master Class Program

Presenting the MV Master Class program:

The theoretical examples of storylines and, with the help of an illustrator, showcase to the audience how we would approach them by dissecting the various narrative components, Transmedia integration, storytelling theories, etc.

VR opens up a universe of story-worlds and VR creators have started exploring in all directions. Truly transformative experiences are in the making, stay tuned. So, in this session, we’ll transition to the crossover between story and technology to cover the following:


MV Master Class “ Welcome to the history world”

  • A brief history of storytelling
  • VR: Welcome to the Story-world
  • The death of the director
  • Do's and Don'ts of VR
  • 10 Things we’ve learned
    • Narrative Case 1 - Canal Plus (First person POV French spy film / spinoff)
    • Narrative Case 2 - FranceTV - Immersive theatre meets VR
    • Narrative Case 3 - TBC
  • Another Brick Of The [4th] Wall
  • VR meets Immersive Theatre
  • Transmedia & the Future of Entertainment