DocuLab: Lab of Documentaries

DocuLab is an industry program of the Guadalajara International Film Festival, which aims to promote documentary filmmakers and their projects that are in an advanced stage of editing and require an analytical advice or support for the acomplished  processes of postproduction or distribution .

Through their main activity, DocuLab Analysis, the participants will be guided by the academic adviser Nicolás Echevarría and a qualified group of experts in the genre through screening sessions and

Also in the framework of DocuLab Construye the selected projects will be screened for representatives attending the FICG Industry in order to obtain support and suggestions for its conclusion, commercialization and / or distribution.

  • Nicolás Echeverría
    Nicolás Echeverría
  • Britta Senn
    Britta Senn
  • Manuel Gutiérrez
    Manuel Gutiérrez
  • Everardo González
    Everardo González
  • Sandra Schulberg
    Sandra Schulberg
  • Camilo Froideval
    Camilo Froideval
  • Jan Troell
    Jan Troell
  • Nerio Barberis
    Nerio Barberis
  • Claudio Hughes
    Claudio Hughes
  • Juan Carlos Rulfo
    Juan Carlos Rulfo
  • Julien Temple
    Julien Temple
  • Agnès Varda
    Agnès Varda


DocuLab opens its call to directors from any of the nineteen countries belonging to the Ibero-American region (list of countries in Requirements and Documentation) that have a documentary in a work in progress status and wish to show them to specialists of the genre and industry representants, with the aim of receiving feedback, advice and the option of possible co-productions or funds for its conclusion, commercialization and distribution.

There is no age restriction to apply in DocuLab


To apply in DocuLab it is necessary to complete and send the information requested in the submission form that can be found in the page of the FICG or DocuLab. In this form, personal data, information about experience in the film work field and a screener link of the last cut of the documentary to participate are requested.

To participate in DocuLab  it is essential to speak Spanish and it is recomended to have fluent English, as some of the conferences and activities will be held in this language.


  1. Citizens of any of the nineteen countries of Ibero-America are able to participate, who are professionally dedicated to filmmaking as DIRECTORS with experience on this field.
  1. The Ibero-America countries are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Paraguay, and the Iberian Peninsula: Andorra, Spain, and Portugal. Although Puerto Rico does not legally belong to the Ibero-American Region, DocuLab opens its call also to filmmakers of this free state, for the brotherhood of language that links us with them.
  1. Residence Documents or second citizenship from any of these countries are also allowed only in case they presented the right documentation to prove it in the selection process.
  1. All the registration is online through our website: where it is necessary to create your electronic profile, generated by completing and attaching the required documentation described below:Incomplete applications or applications that were closed after the deadline, will not be taking in consideration
    1. Registration form. It should be answered completely, without omitting any requested field.
    2. A headshot photo that we will use for your accreditation and the catalog, format .jpg 300dpi.
    3. Your Biography that briefly explains your path in the field, your professional development, the style that describes your work and your specific interests in the documentary genre.
    4. Two electronic links, specifying the password if required, with the following:
      1. SAMPLE of maximum 3 minutes long which endorses and supports your previous experience. This sample can be a short film or a fragment or scenes of several works in which you have participated directly as head of the department, preferably in the direction field. IMPORTANT: Will not be taken into consideration music videos (video clips) and/or showreels with vertiginous editions of several different works with superimposed music over the images that makes it difficult to value your talent. The demo should be an example of your ability to seek, create, direct and tell real stories.
      2. The most recent cut of your DOCUMENTARY to participate in DocuLab. IMPORTANT: The work should not last less than 50 minutes and not exceed 90 minutes either. Documentaries outside this range will not be taken into consideration in the process.
    5. A short synopsis of the documentary, as well as the explanation of the actual stage and what does the documentary, needs to be finished.
    6. 3 Photographs of the registered documentary that will be used in the catalog, if selected.
    7. Text explaining the reasons why your participation in DocuLab could be useful for your work and path.
  1. Applications that deceive about their nationality or incomplete will be discarded.
  1. Complete Documentaries cannot be accepted.
  1. The registration is only individual, not as a team. In the case of selected documentaries involving a co-direction, DocuLab will invite only the registered director. In case the other director(s) involved would like to attend, the expenses will be borne by the interested parties.
  1. It is a requirement and responsibility of the applicants to have their passport, visa, and all the necessary documents to enter Mexico.
  1. In case of being selected, two copies of your documentary should be sent to the FICG office in Guadalajara, in BluRay format, with English subtitles. The material must arrive at the no later than February 15th, 2019. This will be the material to be screened during DocuLab.
  1. The cost of this shipment will be borne by the applicants and must be done by private courier since the Mexican Postal Service does not guarantee a delivery date.
  1. The registration to DocuLab is free.
  1. Films participating in DocuLab Análisis or DocuLab Construye must include the festival’s logo as well as DocuLab’s, in its credits.



DocuLab call for entries opens on Friday, August 31st and closes on Wednesday, October 31st, 2018. The results will be announced via email to all the applicants within the first two weeks of January 2019 to confirm participation and attendance.

The final selected projects will be revealed February 4th 2019 through a publication at FICG and DocuLab websites.

The festival will provide the selected applicants, free registration and accreditation, as well as accommodation, breakfast and lunch during the days of DocuLab. Likewise, relevant steps will be taken to support, as far as possible, the flight of those who don’t have the economic possibility to afford it; However, full support for transportation cannot be guaranteed.

In the case of being selected, DocuLab will support with information and advice for visas to enter Mexico, only during the days of DocuLab and FICG. The applicants must personally carry out the corresponding procedures in their countries. FICG and DocuLab will not cover in any case the expenses that this process generates.

For more information or questions, write to


DocuLab seeks to promote documentary filmmakers and their projects that are in an advanced stage of editing (works in progress) as well as link filmmakers to the industry present at our festival. To complete the experience, DocuLab presents Master Classes with renowned documentary filmmakers present at FICG and conferences regarding the most relevant subjects for documentary filmmakers.

  • DocuLab Análisis

    Offers to documentary filmmakers the opportunity to screen their unfinished or work-in-progress documentary features, talk about the actual creative stage they are dealing with, and receive inspirational and practical feedback from renowned documentary directors from all over the world, who are attending the festival with films in competition.

    These dialogues will be guided by the legendary documentary director Nicolás Echevarría, DocuLab academic advisor, who will help along the talk between the experts, and the audience: fellow participants, industry delegates, and special guests.

  • DocuLab Construye

    Offers film screenings within the frameworks of Guadalajara Construye, where filmmakers can pitch and screen their projects to film industry professionals: producers, distributors, sales agents and festival representatives; in order to find funds for completion, marketing and distribution of their films. And the possibility to participate in the FICG’s section Guadalajara goes to Cannes at the Marché du Film.


Fernando Garcia

Fernando García

Coordinador de Programas de Industria
Diego Guerra

Diego Guerra

Productor de Programas de Industria
Paulina E. Cano

Paulina E. Cano

Coordinadora de Seleccionados
Rodolfo Castillo

Rodolfo Castillo Morales

Coordinador DocuLab
Nicolás Echevarria

Nicolás Echevarría

Asesor académico